Framy App for Android

Do you want to be a director of your own film? I know it is hard becoming an actual director, but you could, at least, try what they do.

Today, we are going to talk about a particular Android mobile phone app that allows you to create your own film, using your mobile phone!

The app I am talking about is the Framy App for Android. What this app does is it allows you to take videos using your mobile phone’s camera and after recording the video, it offers a plethora of post-processing and editing tools at your disposal.

The most notable feature of the app is that it allows you to create a true cinematic experience. As previously mentioned, this app gives you a whole bunch of tools to make your perfect movie. It gives you a slew of backgrounds, color combinations, frames, subtitle support, and so much more!

Although this app encourages you to record videos and show the world what movies you are capable of making, the Framy App for Android mobile phones also allows you to import photos and make photo collages and moving photos as well. The former is just an aggregate of your already captured photos; the latter allows you to put still images and make them move as if it were a real video recording.

What impresses me about the app is its intuitive controls. You can do gesture-based controls or you can just tap onscreen buttons. You can basically do whatever you want with your movie or photos: you can rotate, crop, resize, flick, or delete any element in the movie you’re going to make.

If you want to narrate your own movie, the Framy App for Android mobile phones allows you to do that as well. After recording your movie, the app will allow you to record your voice to narrate the events in your awesome movie. On top of that, you can also add music to make your movies come to life! Add amazing soundtracks or custom-made tunes to enhance your overall movie experience.

But what really made this app stand out (well, besides the fact that you can create your own movie with it) is its community. That’s right, not only does the Framy App for Android mobile phones allow you to make your own movies, but it is also a social media app.

You can sign up for their free account and you will be given a profile. You can add your own movies to your profile and you will choose if you want to make it public or private. If you share public videos, other people in the Framy community can look at your work as well. You, in turn, can also appreciate what other movie creators have in store for the world. Plus, the Framy community is awesome and a lot of veteran movie creators are willing to share their secrets with you.

No wonder the Framy App for Android mobile phones got an Editor’s Choice award. It not only allows you to make your own movies but you’re also treated with a great community.

The Framy App for Android is free to download and it is available in the Google Play Store.