Medicare Advantage Plans: Or Medicare Supplement Plans?

medicare supplement plans 2019Most of people know Medicare Advantage Plans as the Medicare Part C. These plans are structured in such a way to provide coverage for both the Original Medicare’s benefits (Part A for the hospitalization and the Part B for doctor visits) and also for the supplemental benefits. The ability of Medicare Advantage Plans to provide coverage for the supplemental benefits makes them best Medicare Advantage Plans. There are some types of Medicare Advantage Plans such as Special Needs Plan which provides the prescription drug coverage along with some supplemental benefits like routine hearing, vision, and dental check-ups.

What is SNP?

SNP is an abbreviation for Special Needs Plan. This plan is designed for those people who suffer from certain problems such as severe chronic conditions or reside in nursing homes or permanently in hospital. SNP is one of those plans which contain additional benefit of prescription drug coverage for its members. So which is right for you? Medicare advantage plans or Medicare supplement plans for 2019?

Drug coverage

As I have already mentioned that, there are some Medicare Advantage plans, which provide prescription drug coverage but things, are that some of those plans might contain a drug deductible. Majority of the Medicare Advantage plan contain different pricing for prescription drugs, and that is based on the category these drugs fall into. Following are categories in which drugs are divided:

  • Preferred generic
  • Generic
  • Preferred brand
  • Non-preferred
  • Specialty

This is not just it because there is another category mode:

  • Tier 1
  • Tier 2
  • Tier 3
  • Tier 4
  • Tier 5

There is a great chance that costs of mail-order and standard retail prescription drug also differs.

People should always keep in mind that every plan offers coverage for only certain prescription drugs. Therefore, one should double check that whether that plan is offering his drugs or not.


Routine services

We have already discussed that health care Advantage plans offer supplemental benefits well one such benefit is dental care service. This routine check-up includes teeth cleaning, fillings, tooth extractions, and X-rays. People wonder that dental care is also covered in Medicare Part A, but they do not know that Medicare Part A only provides coverage for emergency or complex dental operations.

There are some other Medicare advantages which cannot be found in Original health insurance such as:

  • Health fitness programs: For those who want to live a healthy life.
  • Regular examination of hearing and vision just like dental care.