Can you be turned down for Medicare supplement plans?

Just like any other enrollment, you can also be turned down when trying to enroll with the Medicare supplement plan. Think about a university which opens a window of opportunity in which applicants who are interested in enrolling for studies. As soon as the window of opportunity is closed, then no even a single application will be accommodated henceforth. Same applies to the health insurance plan providers in all parts of the world. There are a number of circumstances that will make you prone to being turned down when seeking insurance is concerned. To see if you qualify for Medicare supplement plans in 2019 go to

The first circumstance is that you can be turned away or down when the window of opportunity has closed. The window of opportunity is basically that period when you are allowed to enroll switch from one Medicare plan to the next and even leave the plan for good. However, if you will come with the aim of enrolling after this window of opportunity has closed, then the insurance company will turn down your application. There are a number of reasons why you will be turned down. The first reason is that accepting you application will mean that the company will have contradicted or has gone against the terms and conditions stated in the policy. Secondly, you will not be allowed or enrolled basically because it might happen that the current plan in which you are enrolled will not have ceased and this will contradict the new Medicare supplement plan.

The second circumstance in which you will be turned down automatically is if you will not have registered with a parent health scheme. For instance in the United States, everybody will qualify if only she/he is registered with the original Medicare plan. If you will not have been registered with the original Medicare plan, then you will be automatically turned down. The good news is that you can register with the original Medicare plan and enroll with the Medicare supplement plan almost immediately.

Thirdly, you will be turned down from enrolling if your score in the medical questionnaire is too low. Through this questionnaire, people who have come in as out of enrollment period applicants will be accessed then their eligibility will be determined. There is a specific score which must be attained if you need to be considered in the Medicare supplement insurance plan enrollment.

Medicare Advantage Plans

It may seem like a daunting task to find health insurance that fits your medical needs, especially when one retires and is a senior. There are many health plans available, but they are not the best for everyone. Introduced in 1997 were Medicare Advantage Plans to help with a seniors health expenses. These plans are also known as MA Plans or Part C and they are part of Medicare. The Medicare Advantage Plan will definitely be a health insurance to consider when looking at all the insurance plans available.

You have the choice of getting Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B or a Medicare Advantage Plan. One point to consider is that the Medicare Advantage Plans will include prescriptions drugs, whereas when you have Medicare Part A and Part B, you will need to also get a Medicare Part D plan to cover prescriptions drugs. This will be an added expense each month that you may not be able to afford in your monthly budget.

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You can get prescription drug coverage with a Medicare Advantage Plan for an additional cost when you join the plan. A Medicare Advantage plan does cover some medical expenses not covered by a Medicare supplement plan. A Medicare supplement plan is purchased to help pay the 20% medical expenses left after Medicare pays it set prices for those expenses. Those plans are all varied and cover different medical situations that a senior may come across and not wish to pay those added bills.

As with a Medicare supplement plan, a Medicare Advantage Plan is purchased from private insurance companies. There are many plans to choose from and one should look carefully to see which plan will suit your needs. Some plans are free to seniors 65 or older and who have Medicare Part B and can be a reasonable amount to add to their monthly bills. Also some of the Medicare Advantage Plans will cover vision, dental, hearing and prescription drug costs for and additional amount of premium. These medical services are not included in a Medicare supplement plan. As stated before, the Medicare Part D is the prescription plan and there is no other plan for vision, hearing and dental.

A Medicare Advantage Plan does seem to be more desirable in many ways. One must consider that a person will have to go to the physicians that are listed in their network and have copays and will have to wait for approval on various medical tests.