Pokemon Go News Over the Weekend

Pokemon Go, despite its recent drama, is still one of the most popular game for Android and iOS devices today.

In this article, I will talk about some big Pokemon Go News over the weekend. Let’s start first with the banning of the game in the country of Iran.

The Iranian Government bans the game in their country due to security reasons. The country, as is, is already one of the most hostile environments in the world. Given how this game is played, it is really a security concern for most of its citizens.

Apparently, the Iranian government even contacted Niantic about certain tweaks that should be made in the game to help with the concern but nothing happened from that.

Iran is probably the first ever country to ban the popular game in their premise. Although that seems to be the case, there are already a lot of countries are taking precaution when playing the game.

Indonesia, another Asian country, bars their Policemen from playing the game, especially when they are on duty.

There are also several countries where their officials urged the public to play the game safely by providing some general safety guidelines.

Although the game provides fun for its players, always make it a point to play the game following the safety guidelines.

Some of these important guidelines include always looking at your surroundings, do not play the game while driving, focusing on work rather than playing the game, and spending quality time with your family (without playing the game).

In other news, there is a recent surge in the sales of Battery packs, mainly because of the game.

Pokemon Go’s positive impact on the economy is apparent lately because there were a lot of battery packs being sold out in various retailers; online or otherwise.

This is certainly the case for most people. You see, although the game is great, the game itself uses so much battery life. On top of that, the game will also require mobile data and your GPS feature turned on as well, adding more and more elements that help drain your phone’s battery even faster.

That is why a lot of retailers have their battery packs sold out over the weekend. If you are looking for a battery pack for the game, then you may have a hard time getting one, at least, for now.

Lastly, Pokemon Go has been released in other parts of the globe including Brazil and the Philippines. The game has been officially released in these countries and a lot of people are now enjoying the game.

Again, please do follow safety guidelines laid out by your government to ensure that you not only play the game but you can enjoy it safely as well.

Also, if there are battery packs available in your area, be sure to grab one now because it will surely be sold out in just a few days.

Pokemon Go is a game developed by Niantic Studios and published by Nintendo.

Activision Set to Release Black Ops 3’s Final DLC

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was developed by Treyarch Studios and was published by Activision. Although this game didn’t really appeal to most of the Call of Duty fans, there are still a lot of people who play this game to this day.

Some of them are probably just waiting for the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to be released this November so they probably think, “why not play Black Ops 3 for the time being”?

Now, Black Ops 3 has received three DLC content updates and each one of them have either new maps or new weapons for the fans of the game.

Just recently, Activision has released the trailer for the game’s final DLC update, “Salvation”.

The trailer showcased a group of people gathering around and meeting up with Doctor Monty. Apparently, Doctor Monty had an artifact of sorts that has immense powers.

One night, the artifact was calling Doctor Monty out and the esteemed doctor touched the artifact. After that, the Harbinger of Doom has been released.

The Harbinger of Doom then transported Earth to the outer space where a hostile alien species was waiting for the planet to arrive.

This alien species would then turn those weak souls into mindless zombies and the four main protagonists will have to battle hordes and hordes of zombies.

What made the newest Call of Duty games appealing despite its lackluster storyline is the inclusion of the Zombies game modes.

Most people are engrossed in the idea of fighting zombies and some people call it the “Zombie Apocalypse”.

Since Call of Duty is a first-person shooting franchise, it is just fitting for the game developers to include a game mode where players are pitted against hordes of zombies.

With that being said, players will also be treated to four new maps. These new maps will be the Micro, Rupture, Outlaw, and Citadel.

Micro is a new multiplayer map where players will be shrunk and they will have to fight miniature zombies literally on top of a picnic table.

In Rupture, players will don the World at War’s costume but instead of using old guns, they will be using futuristic ones to make it, well, futuristic.

The Outlaw map is akin to Black Ops 2’s Standoff map but with a twist; the map will now have a Wild West Theme which turns players into gunslingers.

And finally, the Citadel map takes place inside a medieval castle where there are tight corridors and long hallways. This map is best suited for close-range combat.

As with all other Black Ops 3 DLCs, Salvation can be purchased as a standalone game and it will cost people $15.

If you have the Season Pass, however, the game will be available on your library free of charge.

For people who do not have any of the game’s DLC updates, Activision said that they will release an expansion bundle that will cost players $50 for the entire thing.

Salvation will be the last DLC update of the game and will be released sometime in September.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is available on the PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4.

Four Things to Do to Quash Hunger Pangs on the hCG Diet

Have you tried the hCG diet to lose weight? How’s your journey so far? Do you have occasional hunger pangs? Or do you experience cravings more and more?

Being on a diet, especially the ones that heavily restrict calorie intake, can be a very hard thing for most people. Although, the hCG hormone helps alleviate some of our hunger pangs, the hormone does not eliminate it entirely.

Some people, or most people, in fact, still suffer from cravings. This is especially true if they are confronted with foods that they used to love, but are not allowed to eat because of, like I said, the calorie restriction that is required by the hCG diet.

So, what are you going to do if the hunger pangs and food cravings come creeping up into your mind? Here are four things you can do to help you eliminate them:

  1. Snacks. The hCG diet requires you to eat only a total of 500 calories per day. That is not really a lot considering that all the major meals will total 500 calories in a day. But, if there are times that you really can’t stand the cravings, just eat some low-calorie snacks. The snacks that you should eat can be either a fruit or a vegetable that is approved by your hCG dietitian. These low-calorie foods will help you quash that hunger pang, albeit temporarily.
  2. Pickles. If you are fond of salty snacks before you embarked on your hCG diet journey, and the cravings kick in at some point, try having a dill pickle. Dill pickles are crunchy and they are approved by the hCG dietitians. Also, it tastes wonderful especially if you are on a diet with not a lot of good foods in the roster (500 calories a day will have foods that are bound to be a little bit flavorless).
  3. Drink Lots of Water. If you are feeling hungry and you do not want to eat snacks (because you are nearing the 500 calorie limit that day), then drink lots of water. Water helps signal to your brain that the stomach is full, therefore, you will no longer suffer from hunger pangs. Plus, water does not contain any calories so you can drink copious amounts of it, guilt-free.
  4. Tea. Tea are really good for the body. They not only help suppress appetite, but they also have antioxidants that rid our body of harmful toxins. Opt for a cup of Oolong, Green, and Peppermint tea as these are the most popular options out there. It also helps soothe your body and mind with every sip. Teas have a lot of benefits, so be sure to drink a cup if you’re on the hCG diet.

The hCG diet can be hard for some, especially when the hunger pangs and food cravings come. But, with these four tips, these should help you eliminate those sudden cravings from time to time.